Commuter Parking

Commuter Parking In Summit

If you have questions please call Summit's Parking Services Agency 908-522-5100 or go to the city's website

Summit Resident Commuter Parking
A Summit resident can easily obtain a residential bar-code parking permit to park in order to commute.  This permit can be obtained at the Parking Services Department, Summit City Hall, 512 Springfield Avenue.
  • The Broad Street Garage (Lot #6)
  • The Elm Street Lot (Lot #8)
  • The Chestnut Lot (Lot #7)
  • The Sampson Lot (Lot #9), adjacent to the Summit Middle School
  • The Broad Street East Garage ( Lot #13)
FREE on Saturday and Sunday, no permit required.
Use of these lots require a Summit Resident Sticker or an employee car sticker.
Employee and Summit Resident Stickers can be acquired at the Summit City Hall
Discounts available for quarterly & annual prepaid parking.
Non-Resident Commuter Parking
Lot #13 - Broad Street East Lot, daily parking only, $10 per day, no permit required.  No overnight parking permitted.
FREE on Saturday & Sunday.
Lot #14, Park & Rail, 24-hour parking up to 5 days, $10 per day, FREE on Saturday and Sunday.
Lot #15, Park & Ride (bus), $3 per day to park.  Prepaid discounts require a permit.  No overnight parking permitted.
For transit fare and schedule information:  NJ Transit ( or Lakeland Bus Lines (

Summit Smartcards

Prepaid parking cars can be purchased at the Parking Services Department.  Credit Cards, Cash or Check are accepted at City Hall only.
Recharge your Summit Smartcard with a credit card:  Broad Street Garage (Lot #6) or Tier Garage, ground level pay area (Lot #4) or at City
Hall Parking Services Agency during regular business hours.
DeForest Avenue gated lots DO NOT accept the Summit Smartcard.