SDI Seminar Resources

"The Growing Importance of Social Media and Email Marketing for Business"
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 hosted by Summit Downtown, Inc and the Summit Free Public Library

Like. Follow. Tweet. Pin. Regram. Find out what it all means and where you should start!

Social media and email marketing have becoming an increasingly important part of any business marketing plan. Social media and email marketing strategies have become A MUST for any business seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace. This seminar will focus on online marketing strategies, branding and best practices.

Additional Resources

1. Wildfire by Google
Reporting, Videos and Interactive Webinars relating to the latest in social media with a focus on tactical, ROI

2. Forrester
Research & Data, Analysis, Workshops and Webinars about the latest in digital technologies including social media

3. SocialMedia Examiner
Tips and tricks on how to navigate through social media, blogging and email marketing plus free resource downloads and webinars

4. Mashable
Articles, videos and infographics about the latest in social media, technology and business
must read:

5. Placester
provides a variety of online marketing and social media tools  including webinars, videos and more through a free “Academy”