Audio Nexus-2nd Flr

Audio Nexus is an audio-video (stereo and home theater) dealer and installer. The company was founded in 1982 and is now over 30 years old! Their store has three carefully designed listening rooms where you can audition components and systems in a relaxed and quiet environment. This is the place to come when you're tired of the noise and mediocrity of those "big box" audio-video outlets. Demonstrating the finest audio and video equipment from the world's most renowned manufacturers isn't just a job, it's their passion! The Audio Nexus team want everyone to have the best system possible for their budget and work hard to make that happen. Their guiding principle has always been to represent only the finest companies and components over a broad range of prices so that anyone can afford to own a system with superior performance. Audio Nexus offer everything from single components to whole-house systems, listen carefully to your needs and expectations, and assist you in deciding which particular system is right for you. They have been rewarded with a loyal following of audiophiles and music lovers. Their vision is to continue doing exactly the same things, even as technologies and product categories are added and evolve.