My Mind Well - A mind-body medspa

  • 35 Beechwood Rd., Suite 2C Summit, New Jersey 07901
  • 551-258-2699
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Located at 35 Beechwood Rd Suite 2C in downtown Summit, My Mind Well offers a variety of services such as Integrative wellness evaluations where they can assess issues such as fatigue, lack of energy, food allergies, auto-immune issues as well as inflammation markers! These are tests that you will not receive at a regular PCP. They also offer a variety of massages, different types of IV Drip therapies such as Hangover Cures, Weight management, Beauty/Skin, Immune Support, Energy and Focus, as well as Mental Health IV bags! They even have a Himalayan Salt Room that can be utilized for relaxing with the treatment alone which helps inflammation, skin issues such as eczema, respiratory issues, allergies and much more. You can also upgrade services such as massages or IV drips into the Himalayan Salt Room! My Mind Well also offers Virtual Reality relax and recharge sessions which brings you into a completely different relaxing headspace and lets you escape reality for a while, which can also be done in our unique salt room! Our MedSpa brings together medical work with spa work and allows patients to feel more relaxed and gives a more holistic approach to getting their mind and bodies where they would like them to be for optimal health!