Innovation Foundry

  • 465 Springfield Ave., Summit, New Jersey 07901
  • 908-283-0612
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The Community: The Innovation Foundry is a community of engaged teenagers who enjoy STEM related activities. Our space has modern technology and an inspiring environment for members to pursue their science related interest in a comfortable, spacious social setting.

Innovation Foundry's mission is to encourage the growth of STEM talent, in a social, self-directed way. Founders, Cara & Donovan Austring enjoy coding, gaming, robotics and building things…but they realized there wasn’t really a good way to do this with their friends. Cara often invited friends with her to robotics club and Donovan had friends over to play video games, but it was a challenge either for time or for equipment. Not wanting to have to choose between being social or pursuing their tech hobbies, the idea for the Innovation Foundry was born. Cara & Donovan have been highly involved in setting up the Innovation Foundry with support from their parents who are both engineers. This is the first space of its kind, and they are very excited to be able to support our future engineers, designers, programmers, and scientists!