Business Info During COVID-19

We at Summit Downtown, Inc. are trying to help our businesses get the word out as to what their schedules are while reopening and the new normal it has forced us all into. Please reach out to your favorite businesses for their operating hours and guidelines. Thanks for shopping local, for shopping SUMMIT! Be well.

Designated Parking Spaces in Downtown Summit for Curbside Pickup will remain. In a combined effort to support local businesses, the City of Summit Parking Services Agency is worked with us at SDI to provide designated parking spaces in downtown Summit to facilitate curbside pickup of items ordered by customers from businesses either online or by telephone. “During this challenging time, it is important to do everything we can to help and sustain our local businesses,” explains Summit Mayor Nora Radest. “Creating designated parking spots that will turnover quickly will hopefully encourage people to order takeout and shop in our downtown while maintaining safe social distancing.”  Designated parking spaces will be indicated by signs reading, “Curbside Pickup Only” and are reserved for patrons of businesses offering this service. If a vehicle is parked in a curbside pickup space for more than 15 minutes, it may be issued a parking violation.

Parking remains free throughout town until June 30. Please be conscious of parking times posted as they are being enforced.